1. Wear loose comfortable clothing:

  • If you are being seen for shoulder or upper body problems, please wear a loose top. You may also bring a tank top to your appointment.
  • If you are being seen for you knees, hips or other lower body problems, wear loose fitting pants or shorts. You may also bring a pair of shorts to your appointment.

2. First appointment at Schulze Orthopedics:

  • ALL patients will be required to complete the new patient registration forms when being seen for the first time at Schulze Orthopedics. This includes patients that were patients of Dr. Schulze at his previous practice. We are a new office and need to have our forms completed and signed. You may print these forms and bring them to your appointment or come 15 minutes early to your appointment to complete in the office.

3. Medical Records (established patients):

  • Our office was not given the medical records of patients that were seen by Dr. Schulze at his previous practice. You may request your records by going to their office and requesting your records. The other practice will not fax or mail these to our office so you will be required to pick them up. Your records are NOT required for your visit with Schulze Orthopedics.